Alexander has performed for our guests in our home to rave reviews. He plays with style and soul, and transforms our humble piano into a concert instrument, sizzling and alive with excellence and passion. When he plays his own favorite pieces, it is a joy to watch and listen to him … his fingers fly as his music soars and hold his audience captive.

We feel privileged when he entertains us… it is as if we are at our own private concert.

Lian Tan, Eagle River

* * *

Alexander's Concerts are grand! He is an accomplished and versatile pianist that brings excitement and joy to all our favorites, and his many skilled personal compositions are wonderful!

Do not miss the opportunity to hear this fabulous artist - I won't!!

Wilma Tisch, Anchorage

(after my concert "Your Favorite Waltzes")

* * *

On several occasions Alexander has accompanied my soprano solos during services at the Temple. His musicianship and versatility as a keyboard artist are truly amazing. Not only can he play music with very little practice, he has played "by ear" to accompany solo and community singing during synagogue services.

Linda Cramer-Slaughter, Anchorage

Chorus Director, Temple Beth Shalom

* * *

<...> I did not get a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your concert, particularly the “Autumn Dreams” and “Blue Danube”—I also got a kick out of the Chopin Waltz. Let me know when your next concert is, I will bring some friends. Best regards, KC

KC Kaltenborn, Anchorage

* * *

I attended a large memorial service and related celebration of life for a dear friend; Alexander provided the piano accompaniment at both functions. I cannot adequately describe how wondrous it was to look up at the mountains through the spruce and birch trees while listening to Alexander’s magnificent musical tribute to our friend...

Sheila Lankford, Anchorage

* * *

Thank you for the wonderful performance last night. Your natural talent combined with your passion for Russian culture and musical heritage made for such a beautiful combination. I enjoyed your stories, which made the music even more meaningful. The music brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.

Brad Kroon, Anchorage