My fee depends on many factors: the length of the event, its location, time of the year (is it a holiday season, like December, or a less busy time?), etc.

Here are a few guidelines (to find out an exact amount, give me a call at 907-854-0273):

To give you a few concrete examples: my solo playing at a typical wedding (without a reception, but with a meeting prior to wedding, to talk about the details) will cost you $250-300; a wedding with a long reception - $500-600; a business reception - $250-300; a memorial- $250-300; a private party at home with my digital piano - $300 and up; a Christmas party - $300-500; and so on:  you do the math...

Your date will be reserved with 50% deposit.

I make discounts sometimes: mostly for elderly people, war veterans, and non-profit organizations. So again: give me a call, and we'll discuss it.

And one little gift at the end: if my fee exceeds $400, you get a free CD  "Freylakhs for Two"!